Time to Plant: Bulbs!

September 15, 2009

Ok guys...it's time to start buying and planting bulbs! Yay! Perennial bulbs such as daffodils, muscari, leucojum, anemone's, Dutch iris and much more are arriving at NHG and you can start planting them now through fall. Tulips and hyacinth are also arriving and will go straight into our special bulb cooler. Tulips and hyacinth require a vernalization, a chilling period if you will, at temps around 45-50 degrees F before they will initialize a flower bud upon return to warmer temps. Our soil temps are not consistently cool enough through winter to give them a natural vernalization in our climate. So, you have to chill them for about 8-10 weeks in fall, and then plant them in December. Usually, the third week of December is the optimal time to plant in the DFW area. You'll need to plant them when soil temps hit 50F or less, which usually happens after Thanksgiving. Get them in the ground no later than the first week in January. Plant tulips deep!!!!!!! That means 6-8 inches from the top of the bulb to the soil level. If you purchase bulbs with NHG we'll store them in our cooler and call you when it's time to plant. There are requirements for this process so ask about our bulbs storage next time you come in. So start planning your bulbs display now and get your favorite varieties!

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