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June 12, 2009


After the insane storms we just had (W. side of street no electric, E. side all good -- we're east, WHEW!) I went out to make sure no real damage was done and lo and behold...tomatoes! It's like, not there one day, there the next. These are yellow something, brain mushy, can't remember name. I also planted 'Early Girl' and 'Striped German' (for the Dallas Mavs Dirk Nowitski...oh, yeah, I'm a MFFL!). Anywho, the daylily garden looks like it is about to burst, the eggplant 'Ichiban' is covered in blossoms, the tiny pickles are growing, basil is rockin','s doing ok, and the lavender is blooming like a mad woman! Also, after the husband told me I couldn't put the fig tree where I wanted, he built me a new corner bed for my big agave and other succulents. He says "no blooms in this garden". I say, give it a year and it'll have something orange or purple in it.

Also...potatoes. I stuck Zac's hand in there so you could see the size comparison.

All in all, things are looking good. As soon as life starts balancing again, I WILL start the backyard. Got the budget together and ready. You will all get to see the crazy antics as Zac and I attempt to build large amounts of beds, lay out some hardscaping and try to agree on what plants to plant where. Stay tuned....

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