Nikki Blogs: Don’t feel bad, I kill things, too!

April 21, 2014

Hi everyone! I’m blogging! Finally!

I’d like to put up some disclaimers for my first post so that, moving forward, nobody gets the wrong idea of how experienced I am. You know those celebrity “they’re just like us” photos in trash magazines? Well, I’m in the “she’s just like us!” photo with dead roses mixed in with lush, blooming ones. And Leslie is in the “diva” column with her perfect irises and blooming-practically-since-February roses. That’s not to say I know nothing about growing plants. I know more than the average bear! It’s just that I’m still in my killing phase … and I’m 9 years in.


  1. Everything I’ve learned, I’ve learned from Leslie. And Martha. But mostly Leslie.

  2. I’ve killed and replanted and re-killed thousands of dollars in plants. If I’m successful at something and give you some advice, its from years of experience.

  3. I plant what is easy, or I like the color, or it was on sale, or it caught my eye. Leslie says I don’t garden. I decorate.

  4. I like to put sun plants in shade, shade plants in full sun, overwater what should be parched and underwater what needs to daily drinks. I like to really push the boundaries of what is acceptable maintenance in the garden world.

  5. I love to garden. I love to try new things and I’m not afraid to kill it. I’ll replant something two, three, even four times until I get it right!

  6. My favorite plants to grow are herbs, roses, and irises.

Proof I CAN do some pretty decent gardening!


I’ll be around for a while, so if you’d like someone to whine to about your garden, comment below. I feel your pain when it comes to thinking you may have a black thumb. But if I can do it, so can you!

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