Here comes trouble

May 14, 2009

Let me just confess that a respectable percentage of my reason for blogging here is to get free advice from Leslie without driving her to acquire a restraining order.

Having said that, I'll introduce myself. I'm Julie, and my oldest child has referred to me variously as a "salad geek," a "compost-obsessed weirdo," and a "crazy chicken lady." Which is probably all the introduction I need. Mine is not the garden of a professional horticulturist, by any stretch. It's full of nutty experiments -- straw-bale raised beds, cucumbers growing on the compost bin, and hey, what happens if you bring home all the stale bread from church and stick it in your compost tumbler right before leaving town? (Answer: rats have amazing teeth.) I have three little helpers and one very busy husband who's always willing to help but seldom available. I aspire to create this in our patch of East Dallas, but for now I'll settle for a really good homegrown salad, like the one I made for dinner last night.

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