Fragrant Roses: Rose ‘Crown Princess Margareta’

April 27, 2021

Love Roses with a Heavy Fragrance?

Rose ‘Crown Princess Margareta’

Sure wish I could make this scratch-n-sniff for you! Rose ‘Crown Princess Margareta’ is one of my favorite English roses with an INTENSE fragrance. This one plant perfumes my entire front garden.

I have a penchant for collecting peach-apricot-Orange flowered roses, but most of those fall into categories that don’t typically fare as well in our extreme HOT Texas climate. But, I grow them anyway! This cultivar is now one of only a handful of roses I have left that hasn’t succumbed to rose rosette disease (or at least don’t yet APPEAR to be infected). My giant ‘Mutabilis’ rose was mostly killed by the deep freeze.

So, I’ll enjoy this beauty while it lasts.

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