First Eggs!! Look what little Einstein did!

September 11, 2009

I cannot believe it. My little Einstein, the smallest and I'm pretty sure youngest of my group, just laid the first eggs this morning!! TWO perfectly shaped little eggs. I'm so proud of her I can barely stand it!! Of course I did know this was going to happen...I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow morning and now I'll miss their whole first week of egg laying...ah well. Anyhoo, I just happened to be catching and inspecting them this morning for a health check before I leave (they hate this and it can be quite hilarious watching me try to catch and inspected Einstein's vent. It was dilated and wet....Phyllis's was not. So I got suspicious. Sure enough, looked in the coop and there were two perfect little eggs in the corner (not in the nesting boxes). I almost jumped up and down. I'm so glad I happened to be checking them over so I could know who they came from.

Einsteins_first_eggs Einstein2 

The three Ameraucanas will lay blue and green eggs, the two Polish smaller white eggs. One of my sales people at NHG, Jill, has a black and white Polish rooster that looks just like Einstein. And his name is....wait for it...Albert. LOL. So we've decided it's destiny that they have babies. I told her as soon as she started laying we could talk about breeding them. And here you go! So perhaps not too far off into the future I'll have some little Einstein babies. OH, I'm such a proud Mom. I guess the neighbors who are babysitting will get to enjoy some fresh eggs!!

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