Cucumber Cornucopia

July 18, 2009

I Harvested a few cucumbers this afternoon...I realized I have quite the assortment. The large crazy looking ones are Armenian burpless cucumbers. I knew I'd planted a few by seed, but where I thought I'd seeded some extra squash, it was actually these. When you grow lots of different veggies year-round, sometimes you forget what you've planted! Anyhoo, I was glad to find extras of these beauties. The Armenian burpless give you a pretty ruffled edge slice with a sweet flavor. The yellow fruit are Lemon cucumbers. Similar to the flavor you find with a standard slicing cucumber but with a lemony flavor. YUM. This is a lot of cucumber to eat all at once, and there are only so many cucumber sandwiches I can eat in one day. So I'll probably be juicing these in the morning.


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