Armchair Urban Farming…

November 28, 2010

Last week we managed to get everything moved into the new house...and then I promptly had some oral surgery. Then family arrived in town for the holidays (and stepped around boxes for the last few days). Today is the first day I've had a moment to start thinking about how I'll be setting up my new home and garden (urban farm). I'm starting with a blank slate again at this new house so I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I'm looking forward to it.

On today's list of armchair gardening/farming tasks:

1. Choosing the breeds of the new baby chicks I'll be adding to the flock in spring. I think I've settled on:

1- Black Copper Maran
1- Silver Spangled Hamburg
1- White Crested Black Polish
1 - White Crested Blue Polish
1- Silver laced Wyandotte
1- Blue Cochin

Bluecochin Blue Cochin - Photo Courtesy of Backyard Chicken Forum
Can't wait!!

2. Check out beekeeping supplies. Now that my property is split into several sections and I have an additional fenced in side yard for more fruits and veggies, I'll be setting up a beehive. Also plan on attending the 2011 North American Beekeeping Conference in January.

3. Start figuring out where the raised veggie beds will go. It's not the best time of year to determine my best sun exposure in the new garden, but I will need to get the beds in the ground soon. I brought along all my cedar raised beds from the old house and I'm missing my salad garden!

4. Flipping through assorted gardening magazines. Check out the new Urban Farm Magazine...been waiting for this one! Fun read.


Ok, I guess I have to go do laundry now! Booooooo....

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