Here a few videos I've participated in. Enjoy and happy gardening!

Preservation Tree: How we care for your urban trees.

Urban trees can take a beating. Be good to your trees!

Give Your Garden a Jolt With Leftover Coffee Grounds

Are you a coffee drinker? Do you like gardening? Well, then you're a match made in heaven! Watch to learn how to re-use old coffee grounds in the garden.

Leslie Inspecting Beehives

Ever wondered what you'd see if you could look inside a beehive? Here I am inspecting one of my hives and explaining a bit about what you're seeing inside...

Problem Lawn? Artificial Turf Could be the Solution.

When real grass just won't grow...

Watch a baby mason bee hatch!

Blue Orchard Bees, which are a type of Mason Bee, are super pollinators for your garden. They don't make honey, but they don't sting either! While the females do have a stinger, they rarely if ever use it. They are very gentle. Watch a baby blue orchard bee emerge from its cocoon!

Perfect Time to Plant

Now Is the Perfect Time to Plant:GMT's Gardening Expert Talks Dirty

Cool Tools For Spring Gardening

Bring out your inner gardening ninja with these cool tools!

Whiteflies on Ligustrum (Privet) Shrubs

Rainy, humid spring weather can create the perfect conditions for many pest and disease issues to get out of control. Here is a large infestation of whiteflies and sooty mold on large Ligustrum shrubs in Dallas. A Horticultural oil should be applied to treat them.

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