Here a few videos I've participated in. Enjoy and happy gardening!

Whiteflies on Ligustrum (Privet) Shrubs

Rainy, humid spring weather can create the perfect conditions for many pest and disease issues to get out of control. Here is a large infestation of whiteflies and sooty mold on large Ligustrum shrubs in Dallas. A Horticultural oil should be applied to treat them.

Houseplants: Purify the air for a healthy home!

Sure, houseplants are pretty; but did you know they can purify the air? For tips on better air quality in your home, watch this vid!

The dirt on growing container gardens!

Fresh tips for growing container gardens.

Plant Your Bulbs Now!

Tips for planting spring bulbs and bulbs indoors for the holiday season! I offer up some unique ways to display forced bulbs indoors.

Holiday Gardening: Tips for using greenery

Create contemporary centerpieces and planters using fresh greenery!

Tools I’d Hate to Garden Without

So, what if I was stranded on a desert island...and had to choose only five of my favorite gardening tools to have with me in order to survive? Yes...there's always gardening on remote desert islands. Check out this segment from Dig In Dallas TV.

Cool Ideas for Spring Containers

Looking for fresh ideas for your patio containers? Check out my Good Morning Texas segment where I cover unusual plant combinations and creative pottery!

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