Just a few shots of what goes on in the Halleck garden.

Halleck dendrobium precious pearl

Indoor Growing

Need to bring nature indoors? No problem! Indoor growing and gardening...or Modern Homesteading, is a growing hobby. Check out my indoor growing album for ideas on all the cool plants and new lighting gear you can use to grow edibles and collectibles indoors year-round.


Backyard Chickens

Love fresh yard eggs? Maybe it's time for you to raise your own urban backyard flock of chickens!

Bee on Jow Woodard Rose

Urban Backyard Bees

Just because you live in the city, doesn't mean you can raise some livestock, including honey bees!

Fall Veg Harvest

Grow your Veg

My grocery store is my garden, so I never mind making the trip. Just a few shots of veg I grow in my gardens...

Halleck chick bantameasteregger br wk2

Baby Chick Portraits

Some sweet photos of one of my flocks of baby chicks.

Anemone 'Blue Poppy'


I'm a bulb fanatic. Here are a few shots of some of the many bulbs I grow in my gardens.

Crown Princess Margareta


I'm kind of obsessed with roses...specifically peach colored roses. A penchant for peach if you will. Just a few of the roses I tend in my gardens.

Aggie Cotton Flower

Annual Color

I always leave space for colorful annuals in my garden...when they're finished for their season, I plant bulbs in their place! Plus, these beauties will attract pollinators to your garden!

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