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Great Expectations

Incorporate these tips for a strong retail team!

What IS a Horticulturist? What IS a Landscape Architect? You mean they are different?!

Often, when I have to explain to someone that a Horticulturist and a Landscape Architect are two totally different professions, I usually get a look of complete confusion or disbelief. Believe me; it’s like comparing apples and eggs.

Manners Matter

In retail? Don't forget your manners!

Ditch the 90s Look!

Hey Green Industry and Garden Center businesses...update your website!

What’s In a Name?

Redefine your garden center by examining your name and branding.

Why I am not a master gardener…

Ok folks, we need to have a chat about what does, and doesn’t, qualify as a professional certification in the Horticulture industry. Why do we need to have this conversation? Because homeowners keep asking us professionals whether or not we’re master gardeners.

Don’t Resist Change

One of the most important questions everyone in the green-industry supply chain should be asking is: Are we relevant to younger home owners?

You want to sell me what? Backyard Chickens…

Harvest the benefits of an urban flock by tapping into the backyard chicken keeping trend.

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