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Nov 6, 2009

This is what I planted this weekend....


Still time to get broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and other cole crops planted. Don't forget cool season herbs like dill, fennel and cilantro. Chard, sorrel, lettuce and spinach can go in the ground as well. In this bed, I ripped up a few 'Golden Mama' Tomato plants on their last leg. They were still covered with fruit, but I'm going to make green tomato pickles with what I harvested from them.


This is also the perfect time to plant pansies, violas and other cool season color like Iceland Poppies, foxglove, snapdragons and the like. They will perform much better next spring if you get them in the ground before the first frost (Avg. here is Nov. 17th). I usually do a combo of purples, blues and whites. But every once in a while I shake things up with some orange! I know...livin' on the edge, eh? LOL. So this year's cool season combo is blue and orange, with some purples here and there. (Didn't have the heart to pull out the pretty little gomphrena in the photo...maybe next week). I also planted up some hanging baskets with 'Purple Rain' trailing pansy...fabulous!

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Nov 06, 2009
1:27 pm

I wish I had seen this post before my trip to NHG yesterday!  I saw the purple rain but didn’t notice that it was a trailing version. I was amazed at the VIVID colors available.  I was in choice overload.

I also bought bulbs. I add a few daffodils each year in and around my blackberry patch, trying to get them to naturalize. I indulged in a new Amaryllis bulb (and a new pot to grow it in). That’s one flower I’m addicted to and have to watch myself to not go overboard.

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