New Magazine: Urban Farm

Oct 20, 2009

Premiere-uf-cover-4 I love me some magazines. Just found a new one from the publishers of Hobby Farms and Hobby Farm Home, both of which I subscribe to. Supposedly, I should have gotten a copy in my mailbox about a month ago...haven't seen it. And it should be on newsstands somewhere...haven't seen it. I want it! Any of you guys found it yet?? If so..gimme the 1020. Out.

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Olive Malesky
Jul 26, 2012
2:07 pm

Hi Leslie,  Mark and Mike are signing a contract and getting a check tomorrow or Mon.  I will
send email to let you know the date to put on that $100 check, ok?  Thank you for your
patience.  Oli, Mark and Mike Malesky

P.S when you respond to this I will put your eaddress in eaddress book again.  I tried U
then L ...It must be under H?  Thanks

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