MOON CARROT: I’m freaking out over this plant!

Aug 17, 2017

Every time I visit new gardens, I always end up obsessed with at least one plant. On my most recent trip to Denver for the Perennial Plant Association Symposium, I came across just such a plant at several gardens through out my stops around the area.


This plant is killing me. I must have it. My precious.

I mean...look at it:

No...look at it!

The space orb blooms atop the beautiful blue/silver foliage is just too much. Not to mention, Seseli gummiferum was covered in pollinators. They were just as crazy about this plant as I was. I love the feathery silver foliage of artemesia, but inevitably 'Powis Castle' overgrows its welcome and I end up ripping it out. Perhaps this is my solution plant...

So, what is it? Well, Moon Carrot is a biennial, or short-lived perennial, that grows about 30" tall. It prefers rocky alkaline soils at high elevations...but I'm pretty sure as long as soils are well-drained, we can enjoy this beauty here. I'm gonna make it happen. I'm on a quest for seeds at the moment, but I'll report back once I have Moon Carrot in my garden.

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Aug 23, 2017
1:16 pm

I learned about them at Wave Hill. They were in the Dry Garden.  Super awesome!!

Leslie Halleck
Aug 24, 2017
12:37 pm

They so are! I still need to get some seed. You want in Carolyn?!

Kay Nelson
Sep 15, 2017
11:43 am

Wow!  I am over the moon for moon carrot.  I will look for seed as well. I will let you both know when I find them.

Oct 09, 2017
6:05 pm

I really like this plant too. We had for several seasons in the IDEA Garden in the Tyler Rose Garden, though I don’t remember it blooming like that.  Great host for swallowtails (which may be the reason it never got to the blooming stage).

Leslie Halleck
Oct 11, 2017
3:23 pm

Good news! I have ordered seed from Jellito! It’s coming from overseas so I’m not sure how long it will take to receive. So Carolyn and Kay if you want some seed I’m happy to share, or I can start some plugs for you.

Keith - good to know - I’ve never seen it grown here. I would imagine that our hotter temperatures could impact flower size or quantity…so perhaps they’ll just never look as good here. But I’m going to take a swing at it!

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