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Big Bend Grasshopper

Oct 8, 2012

Just a quick photo from Big Bend....This gorgeous grasshopper (still need to ID) just happened to jump right into the palm of my hand on a hike. He/she was AS BIG as the palm of my hand.

Grasshopper sm

What a beauty! Now, I realize that these critters are not always welcome in the garden, but you have to appreciated it's style, no? This one will be going in my sketch book...

Blue Agave as Living Fences in Ecuador

Jun 3, 2012


Just came across one of my shots of huge blue agaves in They were truly stunning! (Most of my travel photos end up being plants...I's a problem!)

Interestingly, small farmers use them to create living fence lines around their crops, like corn that you can see growing behind the agave, to keep the cattle out of the fields. It creates quite the fascinating landscape scene! Here, we'd drool over this impressive specimen as a pricey garden feature...But in case you're looking for a creative ideal to keep the deer out of the veggie ya go!

I pulled this photo because I was thinking about agave in general this morning. As we go into the heat of the summer here in the South, we're all looking for plants that will establish easily, even with heat and watering restrictions. If you have a good local nursery, you should be able to find there a variety of agave species in many colors and sizes to fit your needs. While you may not be building a living fence, you might simply be looking for some showy feature plants for containers on the patio or front stoop. You can plant agaves by themselves in large containers, or you can mix them with other succulents with similar water needs.

If you're intersted in learning to put together stunning succulent containers, and you're in the DFW area, you'll get a rare opportunity to learn how-to from Cody Hoya of Terrain Horticultural Design, on Saturday June 9th at 1pm, at North Haven Gardens in Dallas. You'll learn about the plants, concept, and maintenance for creative succlent containers. You leave the class with a good understanding of how to create a drought tolerant, modern, sculptural and beautiful design. At 2PM Cody will do a short pop-up class out in the garden center to talk about available succulents. Don't miss it!

Chinese Garden in Portland, Oregon.

May 27, 2012

Just thought I'd post this shot of the Chinese Garden in Portland, Oregon. If you're traveling this Memorial Day weekend and you happen to be in Portland, be sure to stop by this garden. It's lovely and you can also enjoy their tea house. Gorgeous!

Wordless Wednesday: Farmer’s Market in Banos, Ecuador

May 23, 2012


Off to Ecuador!

Aug 10, 2011

Travel alert: I will be running off to Ecuador Friday morning. I'll be flying into the capital city of Quito and then heading off to Banos, a city that sits on active volcanoes…Yay! I'm not sure exactly what I'll be doing the week that I'll be there, but I'm sure it will be fun. On Saturday, when Dallas breaks the all time record for consecutive days above 100F, I will be waking up to a 50F morning followed by a 70F day. Aaahhhhhh, thank you mountains. Who knew you had to go South to get away from this horrible heat?

Map of Ecuador

I'm looking to hit some Volcanic baths, do some hiking in the national park that surrounds the volcano and…well, maybe a whole lotta nuthin’.  If inspired, I may also head down to Cuenca. The architecture in Quito and Cuenca is supposed to be amazing. Banos will provide the beautiful landscapes. In any case, you can look forward to posts and photos of the adventure. Believe it or not, I’m skipping TWO work conferences next week, one in Chicago, to go on this trip. UNBELIEVABLE. And I’m patting myself on the back for it, lol.

Tungurahua Eruption 2011 - photo courtesy of The Telegraph

I spent two weeks in the Amazon jungle in Peru in December of ’09 and it was amazing. This trip to Ecuador will much less of a “back woods roughing it” kind of trip, but I’m really looking forward to seeing such a beautiful country. Hopefully, Tungurahua, or “Throat of Fire”,  will cooperate while I'm are there…

OFA- Ohio Short Course

Jul 9, 2011

Up in Columbus Ohio for a few days for OFA. I'll be hunting down all the coolest new plant varieties for next year or year after. Will also look for any other fun new products. Pictures to come!

Off to IGC in Chicago…Then TNLA in San Antonio…

Aug 16, 2010

And the work travel continues...leaving first thing in the morning for the Independent Garden Show (IGC)  in Chicago (love heading up there this time of year...such a nice break from Texas summer heat!) The high is supposed to only be 80 degrees..whoohoo!! From there I go directly to Texas Nursery and Landscape Expo (TNLA) in San Antonio.

I'll be looking for excellent new gardening products, plants and such.

Here is a lovely photo from Chicago last year of a huge bed planed with Gooseneck Loosetrife.


Pistils Nursery, Portland OR

Jul 30, 2010

Another great tiny garden center you should visit, if you're in the Portland OR area, is Pistils Nursery. Very urban and super cute with a nice selection of plants and giftware. They also have a really fab chicken coop and some foul residents...



This boy was not happy about my poking around in his coop! I believe this is a Faverolle...please correct me if I'm wrong. What a beauty.


Super fab coop. Love how they've planted/set plants around the base.

Plenty of room inside for the babies...

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