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OFA - Ohio Short Course

Jul 23, 2009

Last week I was up in Columbus at the OFA conference (Ohio Short Course). The big floriculture convention. There is always much to do and learn as well as new plants and gadgets to discover. Here are a few of the fun things I found. Be aware that some of these new plant varieties may not be out on the market for a while.  Some will be available starting this fall. There were tons of things to get photos of, but these are just a few highlights.

I also did a quick interview with Ellen Wells from Green Profit/Greenhouse Grower mags. guessed it...CHICKENS. lol She Buzzed about it in their e-newsletter and promises a chicken keeping 101 in the next Green Profit issue, for those of you in the industry.

 Aloe_christmascarol Cyperus_rupestris

Lots of new succulents on the market these days. Here was a cool little Aloe named 'Christmas Carol'. And a very cool miniature Cyperus.

Echinacea_TikiTorch Salvia_SallyFun_Bluetune

An absolutely beautiful new Echinacea named 'Tiki Torch' and a super blue new Salvia farinacea hybrid named 'Sallyfun Bluetune'

Coleus_chocolatesplash Portulaca_maraca

With the millions of coleus out there, I'm not usually impressed with new ones, but 'Chocolate Splash' is really quite lovely. A very cool new Purslane called 'Maraca'.

Mahonia Gomphrena_fireworks

A very distinctively different Mahonia...will make for a nice new small shade shrub option. Although it's cultivar name, 'Soft Caress', gives me the giggles. A big new Gomphrena called 'Fireworks' really caught my eye. The bright pink and yellow blooms aren't really my style when it comes to color, but it looks like it will be a beast in the summer garden.

Tiarella_Moonberry' Succulentwall

A fancy new trailing Tiarella called 'FM Moonberry'. A fab green wall planted with succulents (sorry ramdom dude in the photo!)


Trip to Antique Rose Emporium

Apr 18, 2008

I took a quick trip down to Independence, TX  last week to the Antique Rose Emporium. Was there to pick out an un-named seedling to be the new 'Ebby Halliday' Rose. I wish I could have spent more time, but did my work part of the trip and then a quick whirl around the nursery. It's a lovely independent garden center and wholesale growing opperation that specializes in antique roses. Mike Shoup, the owner, is rose rangler and breeder. So fun to see all the pretty new un-named varieties he's working on. Of course a nursery devoted to roses smells pretty good this time of year...intoxicating. It was a gray windy day, so not the prettiest of days, but still nice. Problem is..when you go to a place like want to plant one of everything in your garden! So many little time..and space...Are_infostand


Are_climingpink Are_grounds_2



Dec 20, 2007

A few pics from our summer trip to Arkansas. yes...Arkansas. It's pretty, and quiet, and I do nothing for a week. It's great!

Turtle Shore1 1







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