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How dare they

May 11, 2008

Peach Let the backyard battle I planted another young peach tree this spring. When I brought it home it had one tiny baby peach on it. I've watched this peach grow and ripen to the point where I was JUST about to pick it. Yesterday morning as I looked across the back yard something was missing. The little speck of orange I'd been patiently watching was gone. You've got to be kidding me. Not only did "they" take the peach...they also took the branch with it. Chewed it right off. Now...I already engage in this yearly battle with the squirrels... they like to steal my biggest tomatoes the day before I plan to pick them. They watch me...they mark it on their calendars. So this is not something new to me. But I only had little peach. Not one peach to spare. Needless to say this kind of event evokes feelings of pulling out the red rider bb gun, that I do own, and sitting watch. Yes, peach thievery evokes these murderous feelings even in bleeding heart vegetarians like myself. Sigh. But, on the bright side, I happened to discover one more little peach on the tree. So now, I'm guarding gun in hand. Go ahead Mr. Squirrel...make my day....

Veggie update

May 11, 2008

Now that the trees are trimmed, I think we'll have much better sunlight in the veggie garden this summer. Bush bean and radish seedlings are on their way up...
Bushbean_seedlings Radish_seedlings

The corn has been a little inconsistent in its growth habit due to the bit of shade that was being cast in the back. Hopefully the smaller plants will have a spurt now that they have more light. Potatoes are happy.

Veggiebeds2_may08 Veggiebeds_may08_2

Here are the tomato plants I started from seed - in the flood, with hail, then freeze...the ones I didn't think would even germinate. It's been such an unseasonable cool spring...but they made it and the seedlings are now coming along nicely.

Found the first squash bloom of the season yesterday. These squash were also direct seeded. I have a few varieties, this being a dwarf cultivar.

We've been harvesting really nice salad greens lately. Again, it's been unseasonably cool and normally by this time of the year it's warm enough that the greens can't help bolting. But we're still cool enough that the baby greens are still fresh and tasty.

Blackberries are coming on...I think their flowers are so pretty


Apr 4, 2008

A shocker...
The tomato, some pepper and egglplant seeds I sowed outside 3 weeks ago...the day before a torential downpouring flood, with hail, then a freeze a few days later...actually surprise. These photos are about a week old. Lettuce, corn and squash seedlings as well.

Tomato_seedlingLettuce_seedlings  Corn_seedlingsSquas_seedlings

Veggie bed update…

Mar 22, 2008

Ok, got the rest of the new veggie beds anchored and filled today. Planted potatoes and sweet corn.

New_veggie_bedssm Potato_planting

Oh my back hurts….

Mar 16, 2008

Ok, let the veggie garden expansion project begin. Yesterday we build three new 6'x12"x12' new raised cedar beds for the veggie garden. I got one of them anchored in the ground, weed barrier in and filled with soil. Still have to decide exactly how I want to situate the other two and anchor them in. More soil to be delivered for those beds next week. Cleaned out the old beds and got a few transplants of tomatoes, peppers and herbs in. Started seeds of the tomato, eggplant, lettuce, summer squash and peppers I'm testing for the mag. In addition to the already built new beds, I'll still need to build a few smaller ones to balance out the garden, plus add some pretty containers. I have an above ground irrigation system I built for the garden, so I'll have to add a couple of zones and run it to the new beds as well. Not an immediate need, but I'll have to get that done before it gets too warm. Then finish off the pathways around all the new beds as well, which is a time consuming project in itself. whew... (oh, and ignore all those weeds in the yard...they aren't really there. really. just a figment of your imagination...) Oh, by the way, I use a combination of organic compost, humus and high quality topsoil for my soil mix for the beds.

Veggie_box1 Veggie_box2 Veggie_box3 Veggie_box4 Veggie_box5 Veggie_box6Veggie_beds7

Holy Mole!!

Jul 24, 2007

Indifferent to my negligence, the vegetable garden has continued to if I have time to harvest! I'm going to have to get out there soon because there is some mean salsa to be made.....

Pepper 'Hole Mole', All-American Selections winner, really has a great flavor and produces heavily.
Anyone need some Habaneros? Boy that salsa is going to burn.....

Pepper_holy_mole Habanero_ripe

Veggie Garden

May 5, 2007

The rainy cool weather this spring has definitely gotten the veggie garden off to a good start. Lot's of "babies" on the way. Here are some (windy) pictures of a few things. Despite my caging efforts on the strawberries, the birds managed to clean both plantings totally clean of my first crop. Devastating! So, this morning, I'll be double caging them to try and fend off the attack. There are new berries forming, so I've got to get to it quick. Of course, they only steal them riiiiiight before they are just ripe. Sneaky. The Rhubarb is quite robust. I'll be harvesting some in the next few days and will start canning it. My goal is to get a strawberry & rhubarb pie out of the garden this year! The tomatoes are in high gear this year. (I attribute that to my fantabulous NHG organic veggie food...). The first on the way are 'Sugary' and 'Sun Sugar' a yellow variety.  I'll be trying to can as many tomatoes as I can get this year. Actually, I've got all the ingredients in the garden for a good salsa, so I'll probably make and can that up too. Tiny baby squash are on the way. I have 'Peter Pan' and a couple other varieties. Potatoes and horseradish are growing nicely. Will be looking for a fall harvest there. Corn seedlings are up to about 4" tall, as well as purple beans, snap peas and one last crop of lettuce. The first 3 banana peppers of the season are ready, but the pepper plants won't really take off until the heat comes on. Anyone need pepper sauce or pickled peppers? I'll have plenty! I decided to espalier fruit trees all along the NE side of our yard - which has an ugly chain link fence. If I let them grow standard, they'd shade the veggie garden. So this way, I can camouflage the fence, keep in the sun, and get better fruit production. So far I've planted a pear and a peach. I'll probably plant another pear and a plum. I've also planted blackberries and raspberries along the remainder of the side fence and along the back fence. We have great neighbors and they said they wouldn't mind sharing the "fence fruit"!

Strawberries Rhubarb Tomato_baby Squash_babyVeggie_beds_2Pear_espallierLeeks

Veggie Time

Apr 2, 2007

Habanero I love to vegetable garden. This past winter we had gangbuster crops of broccoli and lettuce greens. The If you've never let broccoli go to flower before, you must. It will be the prettiest thing in your garden. And it will give the bees a good pollen harvest too. They need it. I'll get a picture posted.

Brussels sprouts weren't as nice as last year, but I attribute that to the excessive succession of freezes we had throughout the winter. The hard freezes totally destroyed my cauliflower - even covered. Never got carrots into the ground this year. The Cabbage was great. I can't get enough of cabbage with a coconut/peanut/sesame dressing. Of course, you have to have cilantro in the garden to make that dressing just right.

This years summer veggie list includes Tomatoes of course (Porter, Brandywine, Celebrity, Sweet 100, Sugary, and a few others). Got most of them in the ground a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, I'm missing 'Green Zebra'. Its an heirloom and was my best producer last year. Peppers that just went in the ground include Habanero, Banana, a couple of Jalapeno varieties, Chiles, & 'Holy Mole'. Hotter the better!!! I don't know why I plant so many peppers. I always end up with more than I can ever use. Although, I've gotten very good at pickling peppers....Its eating them all that is the problem. Now I just need a pressure canner..that way I can can the peppers too, or the salsa. Of course, I think my mother is convinced I'm totally incapable of using a pressure canner without blowing up the house. Now, the tank of explosive acetylene gas I use to make jewelry apparently presents no concerns...but the pressure canner....that's another story! Yes, i know mother, I don't know anything....LOVE YOU!!!!  smile

New this year: Planted 2 varieties of strawberries, 2 varieties of raspberry, and a blackberry. Planted some horseradish roots. The rhubarb I planted last year is coming back really nice. I didn't expect it to in our warm climate. Nice surprise. So I may actually get a strawberry/rhubarb pie out of the garden! I had to plant some fruit, otherwise there is nothing my husband will eat out of the summer garden. Except corn. No tomatoes, no peppers, nada. He misses out on so much...

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