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Help me name my new chicky babies…

Apr 18, 2009

I was a little worried about capturing these somewhat stubborn leghorns this morning for their journey back to East Texas. But, somehow, I managed to catch two of them at once, then rounded up the third in short order. My stealth chicken wrangling skills are anyway, thanks gals!


We had a wonderful visit with Dan Probst out at his farm in Poetry, Texas near Terrell. Of course, like a dufus I left the recorder and camera in the car so I didn't get any photos of his place. He has a great assortment of chicken breeds, impressive turkeys, bossy geese and some of the sweetest great Pyrenees dogs I've ever met. Oh, and we can't forget the two donkeys that pretty much screamed at me until they got some hay! Overals = food...Lol...We got to see some baby chicks and ducks hatching out of their eggs in the incubator...babies babies everywhere.

My New Babies
I brought home 3 Ameraucanas, one about 12 weeks old and the others about 9 weeks, and 2 Polish hens that are about 9 weeks or maybe a little less. What a hoot. The little black and white Polish hen seems to be the odd girl out. She prefers to be held and spent much of the afternoon riding around on my shoulder. I guess I have a new bud...The "blue" is the prettiest of the bunch, but also seems to be the most persnickety...those pretty girls, always such a pain!
Lesliefinicalhalleck LesliePolish
The Polish...Aren't they Beeeutiful?
Polishgrey Polishblack
The Ameraucanas...wouldn't hold quite as still!
The oldest is a beautiful mix of orange/rust and a creamcicle...the inbetweener is a brown and black striped mix, like the look of an Araucana and the little one is a lovely blue and tan mix.


So all right folks...I need me out!

Chicken Escape…and the Destruction that Ensued.

Apr 17, 2009

So when I got home last night and looked out the back kitchen window to check on the chickens I noticed they weren't in the downstairs section of their "ark" seemed strange given the time of day that they would have gone back up to roost. So then I walk out into the backyard and what do you know? There the are running around...GREAT. The handle to one of the doors must not have been secured and they busted out. Must have had a nice long leisurely day in the garden! LOL. Then, the first moments of panic..."oh crap, what did they destroy....". Overall, not too bad. They did manage to get into the strawberry patch and do some serious digging around the protective cages but I think the plants will be fine. The only other thing they really destroyed, FOR THE SECOND TIME, were the spinach seedlings Julie gave me. Ok, these were the spinach seedling least this is what they looked like a few weeks ago before the first chicken attack...they made it through that one...but now, sadly, they no longer exist. Goodbye spinach. I'll miss you.


Are you happy Rod...are you happy now???!!!!! LOL I blame you.

Chicken Run…

Apr 4, 2009

I forgot to post a picture of our first this point we're getting about one a day. So there is either only one hen laying right now, or they're taking turns in the "good spot", lol.


As they ventured into new parts of the yard, they discovered the leftover pile of decomposed granite. It's some good grit. But these gals have yet to let me touch them or pick them up. They are just not havin' any of it. Of course the 2-year old neighbor comes over and they her reach right down and grab them! It is cute to watch. Now all she wants to do is torture her parents to bring her over to see the chickens. I have no idea how I'm going to catch them in order to bring them back to the breeder in a couple of weeks when I switch out for the breeds I'm waiting on. THAT should be video worthy...

The Chickens are Here!

Mar 26, 2009

Today, I had a sales call at NHG from Dan at Bagienice Farms in Poetry, Texas. We're working on selling urban chicken keeping supplies at the garden center soon (exciting).  I believe Dan is better known as "The Chicken Man."  Not only did he deliver my very own chicken tractor to my house on his way out of town, BUT he also brought me LOANER CHICKENS! Total surprise. I plan on visiting Dan at his farm in about a month to pick up my juvenile Ameraucanas. He wanted me to have some layers in the meantime. Is that awesome, or what? So now I'm terrified I'm going to do something wrong with these lovely leghorn loaners...wish me luck! We let them out for a while and the sight of Sean and I trying to corral them back into the coop must have looked hilarious. We are definitely chicken wrangler newbies...more to come!

Chicken_tractor Leghorn1

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