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Holiday Gardening: Tips for using greenery

Nov 30, 2012

Sure, we know we can stick ornamental cabbage, kale and pansies in pots this time of year to weather the winter temps. But wouldn't you rather create a little more excitment in your holiday containers? Check out my Good Morning Texas segment with Paige McCoy Smith where I show you how to incorporate fresh greenery, berries and other decor to create some super cool pots for your entryway and for tabletop decor!


The Prettiest Pansies

Nov 30, 2012

If you live in Texas, you're probably having one of the prettiest pansy and volia seasons in recent memory. Boy has this mild fall just put the love on our cool season color! Pansies are blooming like gangbusters and the flowers are big and bold. Mild days, cool nights. Perfect! Here is one of my favorite viola varieties, 'Peach Jump Up':


Just gorgeous! The mild warm days have also really brought on the nectar flow and fragrace from these cool season favorites. The bees are as happy as can bee! It's still a great time to plant these beauties so get to the garden center and get digging!

Green Friday

Nov 23, 2012

It's "Green Friday" today and I just found myself at North Haven Gardens...figuratively and literally. Here is my tree! It's a lovely Nordmann Fir that will be going home with me today. We care lovingly and painstakingly for our fresh American grown trees and greens at NHG.


No matter your religion or choice of celebration, bringing the outdoors indoors this time of year just makes you feel good. The fragrances are wonderful so I always make sure to add garland to my entryways, banisters and use some mixed greens as table centerpieces. So whether it's a Christmas tree, Festivus tree, Solstice tree or you name it, it's just pretty. And it smells good. Nothing wrong with being pretty and smelling good. Enjoy the season!


Black Friday? No thanks…I do “Green Friday”!

Nov 21, 2012

Terrariumornament2Over the last couple of years I decided that at the garden center I run, North Haven Gardens in Dallas, we weren't going to call it "Black Friday" anymore. I decided "Green Friday" was much more fitting. So before I wish you a happy Thanksgiving, I'll just say that maybe you should consider staying out of the "black" on Friday and try a little green for a change. Hit up your local independent garden center for fresh American grown Christmas trees and fresh greens, blooming gift plants, daffodil bulbs for the garden, tiny terrariums, fragrant pansies and name it. At NHG, we'll have warm cider and cookies out for you too, plus plenty of parking. Go "Green" this Friday and stay away from the crazy! Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Force bulbs indoors now for the holidays!

Nov 18, 2012

Want to create some super stylish gifts or tabletop decor for the holidays? Why not force some bulbs indoors? Now is the perfect time. You can use traditional paperwhites, amaryllis, daffodils, muscari, tulips and hyacinth! Watch my Good Morning Texas segment from this week and I'll show you some creative options!


Tiny Terrariums!

Nov 17, 2012

A few years ago, I started designing these cute tiny terrariums for the holidays for North Haven Gardens in Dallas. They've become quite popular the last couple of seasons and I couldn't help but share a few photos of the first ones put together this season. 


I love using Tillandsias, because they require little to no care in a tiny environment such as these ornaments.


I also love using reindeer moss and assorted lichens, wood chips, branches and the like.

Terrarium ornament square

This year I started up some tiny square ornaments. TOO CUTE. You can create these kinds of low maintenance terrariums in just about any containter. Just a little fun homeade gift goodness! These terrarium ornaments are available for sale now at NHG.

Winter Gardening Tip: Force Your Bulbs Now!

Nov 14, 2012

Want to create beautiful containers of blooming bulbs for the holidays? Now is the time to start forcing! Forced bulb containers make wonderful indoor decor for the holidays and are also a beautiful and thoughtful gift....perfect for teachers, hostesses and co-workers. In my recent segment of Good Morning Texas, I'll show you some modern twists on forcing blooming bulbs this season!


Garden Giveaway: Win a free in-depth garden consultation!

Nov 8, 2012

HensmallIt’s Garden Giveaway time! Live in the Dallas, Tx area? In need of a professional Horticultural Housecall? Want to start a veggie garden or maybe keep backyard chickens? Well, you do for me and I’ll do for you! I’ll be giving away an in-depth home garden consultation, which typically values at $175-$250. Seriously? Seriously!

First, head on over to my Halleck Horticultural Facebook page. To enter, write a once sentence comment on the Garden Giveaway post about why you need my help, and please share the post (or recommend my FB page) on your page if you think you have other gardening friends who could benefit from my expertise. I’ll let this giveaway run for a week, and then I’ll randomly pick a winner from the list of comments (yes, I’ll write all your names down and put them in a hat so that it’s fair!)

I’ll announce the winner next Wednesday 11/14 so be sure to check back! You can read more about my consultation services HERE.

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