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In Dallas? Get those tomatoes in the ground!

Mar 28, 2012

If you've been to any of my tomato classes, you know that I always say "plant early, and stop planting by the end of March" when it comes to tomato transplants. Weather and temperatures permitting, the earlier the better. This year, we've had a fabulously long season for planting tomatoes.

Some might say that the mild winter caused timing problems for planting tomatoes..but thats not the case at all. The standard planting window still applied, but with no hard freezes in March those who planted in late February and early March should now be reaping the benefits of having fruit already setting on their plants; without having had to do the work of covering plants. Maybe this is a welcome payback for last year's nasty tomato season?

But as day/night temperatures rise, you'll soon lose the opportunity for your plants to mature, flower and set fruit in time. In the Dallas area your best bet is to get the last of your tomato transplants in the ground this weekend, or take your chances with a reduced harvest. If you live farther North, up into zone 7, then you'll have another week or so to play with...unless temps rise quickly in your area.

Growing Vegetables in Containers…

Mar 21, 2012

Don't have a lot of space but still want to grow some veggies? Here is a quick clip of me on WFAA Channel 8 Good Morning Texas program talking about container veggie gardens...(click photo)


A few of my spring bloomers…

Mar 10, 2012

Just a few of the blooming beauties in my garden as of last week. This front garden is a big work in progress, so more photos to come. I hit the garden early this morning planted a bunch of hardy perennials, native salvias, roses and tomatoes. Always good gardening policy to plant before a rain so you don't have to water!  I'll post some photos of the new arrivals tomorrow.

Ah spring...

Bonfirepeachflowers'Bonfire' Peach blooms

Violatrailingsm'Plentifall' Pansy

LettuceboxA bounty of mixed lettuce in one of my veggie boxes

Poppiesorange´╗┐Orange Iceland Poppies

TulipsCitrus Mix Tulips just starting to bloom

ScabiosaspringScabiosa 'Butterfly Blue'

Poppy_whiteWhite Iceland Poppy


Gardening Tool Envy…

Mar 6, 2012

Some girls have a closet full of shoes. Some girls, like me, have a garden full of plants and a shed full of tools. Shoes shmoos. Sometimes a girl just has to buy herself a nice set of fancy hand-forged iron and wood garden tools...


These beauties are from a line called Iron & Wood Garden Tools from Fisher Blacksmithing in Montana. They have a few other nifty tools as well.

Drool...Now, let's see if I can bring myself to actually get them!

Ready for Roses?

Mar 2, 2012

I've decided that spring is officially here. So what if it might freeze again. That's what it always does...but it's still spring! And it's time for the Annual Rose Festival over at North Haven Gardens in Dallas this weekend. Doors open, and roses are available for sale, starting at 7am tomorrow morning (3/3/12) and 8am on Sunday morning. You'll find the biggest selection of roses in town, all your organic rose gardening products and fertilizers plus great free programs. First 50 people through the doors each day get a bonus.

Even if you go tomorrow, it would be worth going back over on Sunday to see Mike Shoup from The Antique Rose Emporium. He'll be speaking at 1pm.


If you're out there at 7am, The Tin Star Taco Taxi will be there serving breakfast tacos, then Cane Rosso takes over lunch with oven fired pizza. YUM. Get your rose and foodie fix all in one stop!

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