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Pansies and violas are here!

Sep 30, 2011's really starting to feel like fall around Dallas. What with the bit of rain we've finally gotten and the wonderful temps we're having today (and this weekend), it's really time to hit the fall garden projects. Pansies and violas have even arrived...


Off to True Value in PA…

Sep 21, 2011

I'm off today to the big True Value hardgoods buying show in Philadelphia. It's like the biggest most awesome hardware store you could ever imagine...I'll be hunting down cool gardening tools, pretty pottery, hydroponics gagets, solar name it. I'll try and post some photos along the way and update on any newfound gardening must haves when I get back. Adios!

Rain Lillies Blooming!

Sep 14, 2011

Ok, it's officially Fall. I realize "official fall" is still another week away, but the rain lillies are blooming and that's always my signal that fall is here. Actually, they started blooming 3 or 4 days ago in my garden. I have a number of small clumps of white, copper and a couple of other colors, transplanted from the garden at my previous house.


Zephyranthes candida

It means the night temperatures are coming down and barometric pressure is changing, favoring rain. And sure enough, we got some rain today. Isn't nature cool?!

Ugly Garden Contest Winner!

Sep 8, 2011

Uglygardenwinner1If you're in the Dallas area, you may have heard about North Haven Gardens' Ugly Garden Contest. The winner was selected and announced this week! You can click HERE for all the details and for info on how to enter for 2012!

FINALLY, the new baby chicks have moved outside…

Sep 8, 2011

You might remember me posting about the surprise packet of three baby chicks that showed up the week of July 4th...Well, due to the extreme heat this summer, they've been living in my upstairs office up until just this last weekend!

I am SO glad to have finally moved them outside with this break in the weather. They are much happier as well..They were such a cute bunch of chicks and are growing into quite lovely specimens. The Cochin has turned out to be black, as well as the Polish you see behind her. I haven't named these two yet, well, because you just never know what will happen...

Here is the Silver( blue) white-crested Polish...she looks just like Phyllis, so we're calling her Phyllis Jr. lol..She is a HANDFULL. Quite animated and likes to get into trouble. I'm really hoping she doesn't turn out to be a HE...the hairdo is a bit more spiky and swept back, which tends to be an indicator of a male, versus females, which have a more rounded fluffy head of hair. We'll see, fingers crossed.


They are set up in the separate A-frame chicken tractor until they get bigger. The older girls have been dying to get at them and are fascinated...We'll keep them housed separately until they are close to equal in size to the existing flock.


Fall is here! Time to plant…

Sep 5, 2011

Wow...are you feeling these 68 degrees this morning! Yes, it's time to plant DFW folks. The first succession of you cool season crops such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels spouts, chard, dill, fennel, cilantro and more should be planted now. You can direct seed crops like lettuce, carrots, fava beans, beets and turnips.


This is also the very best time to start planting shrubs and trees. I realize that most of you focus much of your planting in spring...that's what most people have been trained to do. However, in our climate, it's best to get larger perennials,shrubs, ground covers and trees planted in fall. The cooler temperatures and rainfall make the transition much easier for the plants. Most importantly, they have about 9 months to put down roots before the next brutal summer comes along. This is even more important for more sensitive plants material such as Japanese maples, azaleas and other acid-loving plants.

If you need a refresher on planting fall vegetable gardens, swing by North Haven Gardens Friday the 16th from 1pm-3pm. I'll do a full review of soil prep, crops to plant now, fertilizing/maintenance.

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