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Kay did the rain dance…yay!

Aug 22, 2008

Finally...a reprieve. Here in Dallas we've been the beneficiary of some unusual and unexpected, but most welcome, August rainfall. The last week has been cloudy and's a little unsettling for this time of year when 105 is the leaves you wondering what kind of follow up punishment you're in for as a result. Surely...the 100's will return just to spite us. Well, my fingers are crossed at this point that they won't! I usually turn my eyes away from the garden in's just too hard to keep things looking their best. That being the case, plants that take up residence in my garden must have a you say...fortitude. Survival of the fittest is the name of the game. When we are lucky enough to get a bit of rain and cooler temps, it's amazing how these plants will spring back to life in no time. A few days of clouds and rain allowed my front garden to start looking like it had some life back in it. Here are a few shots of the tough guys...and gals... You'll see tomatoes and herbs in my front beds now, as I plan to work more edibles into the ornamental landscape. The lovely blue tomato cages coordinate perfectly with my bottle tree. Me? Picky? No.... Btw....Kay is one of my staffers...she has magical powers and so does the rain dance. Must have worked.



Above: Beautiful butterfly on Mexican Petunia. 'Celebrity' Tomato, garlic chives, basil, Angelonia...more.


Above: Autumn Sage, Mexican Petunia. Rain lily 'Autumn Sunset'



Above: Mexican Feather Grass, Pennisetum 'Prince', Salvia 'Victoria Blue'. Rose 'Perle d' Or' popping back into bloom for fall.

Fry an egg on my head will ya?

Aug 5, 2008

It was 107 degrees here yesterday...and it doesn't really cool off much at night. I walked at 5:30 am this morning at it was still hot. We might be lucky today. It might be 105 instead. Whoohooo! Lucky us. So this is my garden right now. Ha! Well, not quite, but almost. Every year about this time I just throw my hands up in the air. Like any other professional horticulturist, I pretty much take the approach of survival of the fittest. I have no patience for watering or grooming...things must persevere on their own. I let it all go to h-e double hockey sticks and then start over in September! Of course it could still be 100 degrees in September around here. You never know. Ok, October maybe...  smile


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